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Dr Michael Venter focuses on determining underlying biochemical imbalances in the body through the use of lab testing and hair analysis, to determine causative factors in disease formation, and then make use of Nutritional and Herbal protocols, Education, Diet and Lifestyle Change protocols to bring about heavy metal detoxification and restablish health.


Ph.D in Alternative Medicine (Indian Board Of Alternative Medicine)   2015

MA in Herbalism & Therapeutic Nutrition              2009

Functional Diagnostics Nutrition           2009

Bioresonance Feedback (Voll)               2009

Metabolic Typing     2005

M.Sc. in Exercise & Sport Psychology (Exeter University)    2000

B.Soc. Sci. 1988

Specialities:  Anti-aging medicine, Bio-energetic tools,  Chelation therapy, Fatty Acid Profiling and Silent Inflammation Analysis, Functional Diagnostics Nutrition, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Herbal medicine, Lifestyle modification, Metabolic Typing, Mindfulness-based Interventions, Nutrition, Orthomolecular medicine.