Dr David M Nye

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Western Cape

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Greenhouse Health

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+27 (0) 21 531 3545

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9 The Mead [off Meadway] Pinelands Cape Town

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Graduated from U.C.T. with MB.ChB. in 1979.


In general practice at The Greenhouse Holistic Health Centre in Observatory [1983-2008], he soon found it necessary to explore beyond the bounds of conventional Western Medicine and started using herbal and other natural remedies in his practice.


In 1985 and 1993-1998 he underwent training in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Laser Acupuncture.


In 1994 he attained a Diploma in Homeopathy [CEDH, Paris].


In 2001 he completed the requirements for registration with the Faculty of Homeopathy, U.K. [MFHom].


He is registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of S.A. as a Homeopath and with the Health Professions Council of S.A. as a Medical Practitioner. In 2016 he voluntarily de-registered as an acupuncturist.


He was actively involved in the S.A. Complementary Medical Association [SACMA] since its inception in 1992, and was chairperson until its closure in 2002. He co-chaired the S.A. Homeopathic Medical Association and is the current chairperson of the SA Society of Integrative Medicine [SASIM].


He has trained and registered with the International Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology [IBCMT], and has undergone training in Functional medicine [AFMCP].


In the practice, he addresses chronic ill health issues by forming a team with the patient to uncover the root causes of his/her problems. Although all ages and conditions are covered, he has much experience in tackling digestive issues, hormonal imbalances [especially thyroid], metal toxicity and allergies. A variety of treatment modalities are employed, including homeopathy, ozone, chelation and Rife RPX frequency treatments.


Born in 1955, he is happily married for 38 years with 2 sons and 4 grandchildren.